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July 1, 2012

For 14 years I have been thinking of opening a restaurant and a hangout that would last for years and could become an icon in Jakarta, I really failed to do so because I could not find the right location for the concept. Finally in 2008 and while I was viewing an apartment unit in The Bellagio Residence, I spotted a piece of land attached to the Bellagio Mall building and boom I found the place for my restaurant.

I am not a chef, but I can cook pretty well, some of the cooking technique which I learned turned out to be my best tools in examining and guiding my chefs and cooks who now comprise the most important asset of the Restaurant.

I love all kind of good food namely WESTERN, NORTHERN INDIA, MIDDLE EASTERN, AND INDONESIAN, SOUL IN CAFE AND RESTAURANT got them all, for the WESTERN FOOD, we got chefs and cooks who gained their extensive experience working with some of the biggest names in the restaurant industry, and for the Indian cuisine, we got an Indian chef from Haydarabad, SOUL IN CAFE AND RESTAURANT has gained the recognition of a big numbers of expats in Indonesia, the comment is that “Northern Indian food is at it’s best in SOUL IN CAFE AND RESTAURANT”, the MUTTON and CHICKEN BIRYANI are the best in the planet.

Although SOUL IN CAFE AND RESTAURANT is strong in the northern Indian cuisine, the WESTERN AND THE MIDDLE EASTERN CUISINE are as strong, our western food quality reputation has spread among the westerners by word of mouth, we hear their comment and how they heard about SOUL IN RESTAURANT from their friends.

we can proudly say that SOUL IN CAFE AND RESTAURANT is the place for everyone who appreciate good food with a wide selection range of 3 international cuisines at PRICES THAT MAKE EVERY ONE SMILE WHEN THEY SEE THE BILL..

Hey, I forgot to mention some thing here, you know, every time I decide to take my wife out especially in Kuala lumpur, we always run out of ideas, it has become so boring for us that we quit going out because every time we are out for dinner we leave the place as soon as we finish our food, I don’t want this to happen at SOUL IN CAFE AND RESTAURANT, so we have selected 3 bands to entertain our guest during and after dinner with live music every WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS.

the ambient of SOUL IN CAFE AND RESTAURANT is casual and there are lots of wood, it is like a country style joint with a long full bar on the left entrance, the CAFE offer a wide selection of COCKTAIL AND MOCKTAILS, soft drink and coffee beverages.

SOUL IN CAFE AND RESTAURANT is a must come place, people who came tends to prolong their stay and keep on coming back.


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